Haurata Walks

A journey to some of the best views of Gisborne

Short Walks

If challenged for time and fitness we have an ideal selection of short farm walks to cater for your needs. The Green Walk can be shortened to become the Yellow Walk, still taking in some of the fantastic views the property provides, 1-1.5hours. Or venture along the cut tracks through the small patch of native bush on the edge of the garden. Walking along the river's edge in the bush is just magic, 10-45 minutes. The Orange Walk can be shortened as well. Guided walks available.

Note: All Short Walks are closed from the 30th August to Labour Weekend.

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Bush Walk

Venture along the cut tracks through the small patch of native bush on the edge of the garden. Walking along the river’s edge in the bush is just magic.

  • Windy trail through original bush land including the iconic sliver-fern
  • Native birds – spot the Tui
  • Walk along the river
  • Long-finned-eels
  • Glow worms at night
  • Swimming holes
  • 10-45 minutes
Image of young boy collecting sticks along the river of the Bush Walk

Yellow Walk: The Old Shepherd's Walk

The Old Shepherd’s Walk is the perfect choice for all ages and levels of fitness. Following a bulldozed trail along shiny green paddocks, you will encounter bizarre sandstone formations. Will you spot the famous Gorilla Head? Continuing on, the Walk will lead you through a gap of giant rocks and boulders before offering a breath taking vista over coastal Gisborne and the high country. From its turning point, the Old Shepherd’s Walk will gently take you up a hill to its highest point providing a bird’s-eye view over the lush Haurata Gardens and the Ngatapa Mountain. Be prepared to meet heaps of sheep and cattle roaming the land around the walk.

  • Beautiful pastoral landscape
  • Little streams and waterfalls
  • The gorilla head
  • Bizarre sandstone formations
  • Gisborne coastal views
  • Bird’s-eye view over Haurata gardens
  • Ngatapa Mountain views
  • 4km (1-2 hours)

Orange Walk: The River Challenge - 8km (2-3 hours)

The majestic atmosphere created by all the large rocks gives you a sense of wonder at the awesome power of the earth. You feel as if you are on a movie set of Lord of the Rings. Although it is a short walk, the terrain is difficult and in some places dangerous so those who attempt this walk have to be very sure footed and the river is crossed 4 times.

  • 4 River crossings
  • Sandstone bluffs
  • Chain climbing
  • Narrow goat tracks
  • Heart-stopping drops
  • Giant boulders

Long Walks

The terrain is very much big hill country making the walks reasonably challenging therefore the fitness level needs to be good. Some of the walking is on bulldozed tracks and parts are on narrow sheep tracks on the side of steep hills. Small bogs and creeks have to be walked through. Each walk has a small area of bush so you get the idea of what the land was like before the settlers arrived in the 1910s and 20s. Guided walks are available. Cell phone coverage can be received on Telecom mobiles from mid to high hills. The retreat is ‘home base’ - no need to carry luggage, just a day pack.

Note: Red and Blue Walks are closed from the 30th August to the 30th October due to lambing. Green Walk is closed from the 30th August to Labour Weekend.

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Green Walk: Waterfalls Adventure - 10km (4-6 hours)

This is the most challenging of the three farm walks. Leaving the retreat and walking up to the high point above the woolshed (770m) then heading off down the hill to view 3 fascinating waterfalls at 300m above sea level. Opportunities to have a stop along the way for a rest or refreshing swim. Then following the river back to the retreat.

  • Pole climb (optional)
  • Steep drops
  • Three waterfalls
  • Native bushland including waterfall
  • Swimming holes
  • Encounter wild goats and maybe deer
  • Rock slides
  • Stunning river views

Red Walk: Top of the World – 14.5km (4-6 hours)

Start out walking from 600 metres above sea level to some native QE11 bush then on to the Aerial Range 922 metres above sea level with views of Mt Hikurangi in the North, Gisborne and Young Nicks Head in the East. Panekiri Bluff in the West (Waikaremoana). Built on the Aerial range is a large telecom tower, the Maori’s call the range Matakitaki (observation point). This is where the East Coast plate is pushing on the Pacific plate creating the unique land structure. Soil types differing on either side of the range. See the remains of huge native trees burnt by out of control fires caused by farmers clearing land back in the 1920’s.

  • Ascent to the highest peak of the region
  • Old maori observation point Matakitaki
  • 360° panoramic view over the Gisborne landscape
  • Walk on top of fault line
  • QE11 Bush
  • Wild goats and maybe deer

Blue Walk: Te Kooti's Retreat – 10km (3-5 hours)

Take a historic walk on Sam and Jill Charteris’s Hillview Station to the top of Ngatapa Mountain. The walk will take you past a disused oil rig site where in 1985 Petro Corp tried to drill for oil. They capped the hole and left as they didn’t have the right equipment to go deep enough (we think). In 1869 the Ringatu church leader Te Kooti took his people to the top of Ngatapa Mountain to a pa site. He was surrounded by the English constabulary and Ropata from the Ngati-Porou tribe before escaping over the cliffs into the Ureweras. See the hole in the ground where Ropata blew the pallistrades.

  • Historic track
  • Maori pa site
  • Gisborne coastal view
  • Wander along the cliffs Te Kooti escaped over
  • Native bush

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